Saturday, 20 February 2016


Hello ladies

Today am very excited to share this review with you all. It is on my forever favorite beauty product . it is the loreal paris base magique transforming smoothing primer. I bought this primer few months back. Am already half way through the container. I don’t use this primer on a daily basis. Only on the days when I want my foundation to last longer . In my opinion it should be a staple makeup product in every makeup lovers vanity ;-)

Before getting into the review , for those who don’t know what is a primer. Primer is a base for your foundation which makes it last longer and act as a barrier between your skincare and makeup. It seals in your skincare product and locks it in. it does not allow your makeup to penetrate into your skin.

PRICE : INR 899 for 15ml

SHELF LIFE : 36 months


sorry for the weird angle. but for some reason i couldnt rotate it :-/


PACKAGE : it comes in a small glass container with a plastic black lid. It is lil bit heavy.  Ive travelled with this in my bag I had no issues . but it might break when you drop it since it is a glass.

TEXTURE : it feels  like a whipped body butter  with smooth silicony feel to it. you need only tiny amount  to cover your entire face and neck. It has a slight pink tinge to it but it does not make your skin go pink or anything.


            I have fine lines on my forehead . it definitley hides my lines. I don’t have open pore issues so I cant comment on it. It definitley makes my skin so smooth and makes my foundations glides like a dream.  I have dry skin but it doesn’t emphasis my dryness at all. It doesn’t feel greasy either. So it suits any skin type basically. It makes my foundation last longer than it normally would if I don’t use this primer. I wore this primer even without any foundation on top just to make my skin look smoother and lil bit even.  It doesn’t make your skin go completely matte. But it controls oil in my t zone.

Over all I just love this product. I would definitly recommend this primer to anyone who wants their makeup to last longer. 


1.    1.   Makes my foundation lasts longer.
2.    2.   Foundation glides and blends effortlessly.
3.    3.  Hides finelines visibly. I mean you can literally see the difference.
4.    4.   Makes the skin surface lot more smoother.
5.   5.    It suits all skintype and skin tones.


1.      Tad bit pricey . primers in general are pricey. But I feel this one is a good investment. Since you need only small amount its gonna last you forever. ;-) 

MY RATING : 5/5 :-) 

thank you :-*

Friday, 25 December 2015


Hello my loves,

           It is my second  post for the day. This is gonna be a quick post. It is a review on my current favorite winter essential. It is the ALL PURPOSE ALMOND AND HONEY CREAM by nature’s essence. I bought this cream a couple of weeks ago. I have already hit the bottom of the tub.

PRICE : INR 55 FOR 80g. It is also available in a huge 500g tub.  Which retails for around 200 rs am not sure about that.

SHELF LIFE : 36 months.

First of all the packaging is goldenish in color which caught my attention immediently when I looked at the moisturiser section in a departmental store.  I basically love nature’s essence skin care products. I have been using their banana facial kit and golden facial kit and loving them to bits and pieces.

The cream is white in color and has a very thick consistency which is awesome for colder months. It has a mild artificial smell to it which fades after few minutes. It remains me of some kinda soap. It is an all purpose cream which means it can be used in massages or pedicure or manicure. The direction says that it can be applied even on face . I tried that too but it immedietly reacted with my face and I started breaking out. it is a good body cream but not a face cream. 

It absorbs into the skin skin immedietly. Little amount is needed for a single application. If you apply more quantity, it is gonna be a bit greasy. But I love lathering myself with creams since I have an extremely dry skin.  But if you don’t like greasy feeling on your skin , then you can use only lil bit of this cream.


1.       Affordable
2.       Extremely moisturising.
3.       You need only little amount.
4.       Since it is an all purpose cream, it can be used for body massages or manicure or pedicure.


1.       Though it says it can be used on face , it reacted with my face.
2.       Complete ingredient list is not mentioned.

3.       it might be greasy during hot summer months, if you use it as a body cream.





                  Hello ladies, hope you are all doing good. Chennai is bouncing back after all those flood tragedy.. luckily our area didnt have any water stagnation problem. But we had an entire week of power cut and no network connection. We couldn’t contact anyone or we couldn’t do anything. Its was like living in a stone age literally. I wish it never happens again. So since everything is getting back to normal now I thought I should share a post. This was supposed to be up on my blog long back but due to all those terrible things happened here it got delayed. So yeah lets get into it.

                   I am a huge hunter of eye creams. Coz  I get dark circles so often so easily. I have tried so many different eye creams that are available in the market.  Nothing seems to be really working for me. I have reviewed a couple of eye creams here in my blog and I have few more to review.  I searched for something that really works . but at the same time I cannot invest a fortune for an eye cream. Eye creams can be crazily priced for a good quality one. Two or three grands for a good eye cream ??? that’s totally out of my frame.

                    So as always, I surfed through the internet for a good eye cream that fits my budget. I couldn’t really find anything satisfying. And then I came across an awesome recipe.  I thought it was amaizing and I tried it by adding my own twist to it and it came out really well.  And the best part is ,it really worked. Am not gonna lie jus coz I made it, this is the world’s no 1 eye cream . but I can assure you, it works far better than those eye creams that I have come across. So here is the recipe.


1.       Almond oil ( ¼ table spoon)
2.       Vitamin e capsules ( 2 capsules )
3.       Evening primrose capsules (three capsules )
4.       Aloe vera gel ( 2 table spoon )
5.       An empty container.
6.       Little spoon to mix everything in.

                          If you are wondering where to find vitamin e capsules and evening primerose capsules. I got mine in a pharmacy near me. Vitamin e capsules are called evion400. And evening primerose oil capsule are known as primosa. I paid INR 140 for a strip of eveningprimerose oil capsules and INR 17 for a strip of evion400 capsules. 


             Just mix everything.  But it takes atleast five minutes for all the ingredients to combine well and form a creamy consistency. You have to be patient and give it a good mix. Aloe vera gel helps in combining all the ingredients and brings it to a creamy consistency.


                It becomes a white cream after you are done mixing. It is so soothing on the eyes since it contains aloe vera. I have been using this eye cream for about a fortnight or even more , it really reduced my dark circles. I have really dry skin so I have fine lines under my eyes. This recipe visibly reduced those lines. I am completely happy and satisfied with what I found. I made my new batch few days back as I finished my first batch of cream .  it is always good to make it fresh when it comes to beauty diy. You can store this cream for about six months. But anyways it is always good to make diys in small quantity and make it fresh the next time.

                 The only problem that I find with this eye cream is that, it is too thick and  lil bit sticky because of vitamin e and almond oil, which makes it difficult to wear it during day time. It takes couple of minutes for the eye cream to get absorbed. You need very little amount of this eye cream . I use it every night and give my eye area a lil massage so that the cream gets absorbed into the skin.  It is hundred percent natural and I know what is exactle there in my eye cream. It is far far far better than those store bought eye creams that ive tried.

                    All the ingredients that we have added in this recipe helps in reducing dark circle, aloe vera sooths the eye area . it reduces the puffiness , it reduces the redness or dark circle. Vitamin e and almond oil nourishes the eye area. It reduces the fine lines around the eyes.  You can even store this eye cream in your refrigerator and apply the cream for a refreshing  and relaxing feel .


1.       It is hundred percent natural
2.       It nourishes the under eye area.
3.       Soothes the eye area
4.       Reduces dark circle
5.       Reduces puffiness.
6.       Affordable


1.       The consistency is lil bit sticky. So it is difficult to apply it during the day time. It may crease the concealer or any makeup that you wear on top.  But who cares :-P it works incredibly. And that’s what matters.
Do try this recipe.. I hope you will love it. J

Thank you .

Monday, 23 November 2015


Hello ladies, hope you are all doing good. its been raining crazily for past one week in Chennai. whether is getting colder everyday. schools and colleges has been declared holiday for past few days or since diwali i should say.. Chennai is making history basically by having heaviest rainfall of all time. ;-)

         So yeah lets get into todays topic. Today am gonna review a body lotion that am currently loving. It is by YARDLEY LONDON. I have dry skin. Even though i have few staple body lotions or moisturizers , I try lots of them just to know what i like or what works well for me. so i ended up picking this from a supermarket.

PRICE : 99 for 100 ml

SHELF LIFE : 24 months.


with over 200 years expertise, yardley london selects only the finest ingredients for its products. this luxurious lotion comes enriched with active vitamin b3 and c, and freshly plucked roses from original english gardens. an effective anti oxidants, vitamiv cretains youthfulness of skin, while b3 removes marks, making skin fairer. among with the timeless scents of romantic roses.


water,glyceryl stearate, dimethicone,isopropyl myristate,perfume,cyclopentasiloxine,cyclohexasiloxine, glycerine,palmitic acid, stearic acid, ascrbyl, tetraisopalmitate, bht, carnbomer, cetearyl alcol, ceteareth20, cetyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, hydrogenated olive oil, niacinamide, polysorbate 20, disodium edta, sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazolinone.

OMG thats a lot of chemicals. :-/ typing the ingredient list is the hardest thing ever. :-(


It comes in a silk like smooth plastic bottle with a pump up mechanism. i find it cute but not travel friendly. It smells amaizing like roses. It smells exactly like yardley english rose body spray. obviously ;-) coz this one is the matching body lotion for that body spray. It comes in a 200ml bigger bottle too. and it retails for 180 rs . They have few other variants as well. since i loved this lotion,  i bought sandalwood body lotion and musk body lotion from this range yesterday. the fragrance stays on me for 2 hours.

 It says it lightens and moisturizes the skin. But i do not find any lightening actions going on. But it moisturizes the skin really well. I swear this product gives a silky texture to my skin. It lasts for a whole day. :-)

That is how much product you get on a single pump. I use three to four pumps of this lotion to moisturise my entire body.

It has a really nice silicon like texture to it. It is neither too runny nor too thick. Perfect lotion consistency. It gets absorbed into the skin quickly .


1. gives silky smooth texture to the skin
2. affordable
3. smells like roses.
4. pump mechanism is hygienic .
5. moisturizes the skin really well .
6. the effect lasts for a whole day.
7. it gets absorbed quickly into the skin.


1. The ingredient list. it kinda scares me. :-(
2. it is not a travel friendly packaging. but i really dont mind coz i have travel size mini bottles to carry my lotions with me .
3. may not suit extremely dry skinned people.


It is a really good body lotion for the price you pay. makes the skin smooth. the effect is longlasting. it is good if you have dry skin. but it is not going to work for people with extreme dry skin especially on colder months.


Thank you

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


         Good morning ladies... diwali is a week away but am already on celebration mode.. i need to complete my shopping this week ;).. i love shopping, i mean who doesnt?.. diwali is my favorite time of the year.. it reminds me of brightness , a spark, happiness and of course my moms homemade sweets.. :P it gives me an opportunity to dress up which is the most exciting part of all..  so without any further blabbering lets get straight into todays topic.. i have decided to share my complete beauty routine with you guys, which includes my facial skin care ,body care, hair care, and nail care..i recently changed my entire beauty routine.. i switched to more organic products lately.. today ive dedicated this post exclusively for my facial skin care.  my day time skin care and night time skin care are both similar .. there is no significant differences. so yeah lets get started,


            Everyone in this world is beautiful believe it or not every single creation of god is beautiful. we just need to enhance our beauty lil bit. One way of doing that is by wearing makeup.. I am not talking about a full face of foundation , blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, powder, mascara etc etc. even if you wear a kajal it is considered as makeup . You are doing something to enhance your beauty. it is also very important to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Even if you wear just a kajal and a lip balm you need to take it off. So makeup removal is a key step to have beautiful skin. 

I wear kajal and a cc cream to college..I usually takeoff it off with a cotton pad and olive oil. I sometimes switch olive oil with baby oil. It really depend on what my hand grabs on that particular day . The cotton pad that am currently using is from a shop called just born. they sell all baby products..They have their own range of baby care products.. And i did not steal it from my sister who is having a new born baby. I bought one for myself :-P 

On the days when am completely tired and lazy ( which is quite often ) I use baby wipes to remove my makeup. again i swear i did not steal it from my niece.. I bought one for myself ;-)


After removing the makeup i use a cleanser to clean my face completely.. So that i rinse of any residual makeup that i have on my face. 

 Sorry for the wierd angle.. but yeah i use honey as my cleanser.. And trust me guys it works wonder for my skin. my acne scar is becoming even . it doesnt dry out my skin like any other cleanser , it moisturizes my face instead. honey is usually sticky, but when you dilute it with lil bit of water it is not sticky.

 In india especially in Tamil nadu we have a myth that applying honey to hair or facial hair, turns it grey instantly.. people when accidentally got their hair in contact with honey get scared to death that their hair is going to turn grey. but thats just a myth.. the honey that i use is from khadi kraft. this is the purest form of honey that i ever tried.. all the other brands that are available in super markets even though they mention that it is hundred percent organic they are not pure.. pure honey will have a different taste. Honey has lot of health benefits as well. my brother takes one table spoon of honey every morning on empty stomach which helps to clear his throat. he gets throat infections frequently. but now he is completely normal. okay now back to the subject.. honey is an excellent cleanser. 

Sometimes my face gets really dirty and i feel like having some soapy action on my face, i use this face wash from jovees. i have a complete review on this product here . over all it is an ok product. 


            I exfoliate my skin twice or thrice a week .. I use my home made scrub which i have already mentioned in my blog HERE

I have oats, milk powder , gram flour, green tea powder in this stackable container .. i mix everything to gether and use it as a scrub or sometimes i just use oats alone or gram flour alone .. it really depends on my mood.  

I use my homemade neem powder for a deep exfoliation. ill be doing a seperate post on this magical ingredient. it is basically powdered form of dry neem leaves. 


moisturizing is another key important step for healthy skin. no matter what your skin type is you need to moisturize your skin. my skin is quite dry. especially in colder months i get dry patches on my face. i use my own homemade blend of facial oil for moisturizing my skin. 
I mixed five drops of rose essential oil with five ml of apricot oil and store it in a small glass vial. i use it religiously every single night and even during day time when am not going out on that particular day. the essential oil that am using is from the brand aroma magic. and apricot oil is from the brand called moksha.. you can easily find it online. i ordered mine from flipkart. 

I apply this oil on my face and give myself a little massage. it improves my blood circulation. my skin feels so soft post application. 

When am going out i use these two moisturizers. i mean not both.. i switch between these two.. when it is kinda humid outside i use baby lotion on my face coz it is so light. when the climate gets lil bit cold i use evion vitamin e cream which i have reviewed HERE


when it comes to eye cream i have tried so many eye creams that are available in the market.. but nothing seems to be working for me. i did lil bit of internet research and formulated my own eye cream. i have just started using it so i cannot really talk much about my eye cream. so far it is good. i really like it. it is basically a mixture of four ingredients. evening primerose oil, aloevera, vitamin e and almond oil.


I use face masks once a week for removing my tan and to get rid of dirt in my face. I travel to coll by bus.. since metro railway project works are taking place in chennai i can literally see the dust flying in the air. and the bus has to get through those dusty cloud :-( i definitely need some deep cleaning action on my face..  

I usually make my own face masks at home.. I sometimes use fruits or just curd or just honey or egg white... there are lot of recipes that i have tried and tested on my skin. Ill be sharing those shortly on my blog. but sometimes i get lazy to make my own face mask and use readymade face masks.. I am currently trying out these two face masks. so far so good. ill review them after using it for a lil while. 

I use vlcc whitening mask when i need to remove my tan and i use himalaya neem mask when i need to deep clean my face. Am quite impressed with himalayas face pack. but vlcc one is not upto the mark..


I am a lip product freak basically. May it be a lipstick or a lip gloss or a lip balm am just addicted to lip products and I cannot resisit myself from buying them. But few weeks ago when I was cleaning and decluttering my beauty stash I realised that lot of lip balms became old and they are not good anymore and I had to throw them out.  i am crazy about different flavors of lip balm or I was crazy I should say. I collected every single flavor that one could imagine. But I never used them . I used them only once or twice and then moved on to the next one and totally forgot about the old one. That is how I ended up having tons and tons of lipbalms. When I was cleaning up my stash I realised that I had way too many lipbalms that are expired and not good for use.  So at that moment I decided not to buy anymore lipbalms untill I finish what I already have..

I was left with these two baby lips by maybelline. They are comperatively newer ones. I keep one in my vanity and I keep one in my handbag. Am currently using  these two.  They are coral flush and pink lolita from the baby lips range.

I also use this biotique lip whitening  balm. Ive been using this lipbalm not so often . This is not like a regular lip balm. Its consistency is not that of a regular lipbalm . I use this lip balm like a night time lip mask  whenever  I feel my upper lips are getting dark. I cannot really comment on this lipbalm as I was just using it on and off.  I think I need to use this lip balm a lil bit more before recommending it to someone. 

Saturday, 24 October 2015


            Hello my loves.. happy sunday morning.. my favorite time of the year is officially here.. its winter yeahhhhhh.. festivels and  marriages are lining up.. dressing up , meeting so many people, attending parties omg its gonna be fun.. am so excited. 

            Though there are lot fun during this season there is one serious issue that we all worry about, at least i do :-P its combating dry skin.. I have noticed that my skin is getting lil bit drier than it actually was before, thanks to the cold wind. :-( but i have a solution to deal with it :-) so today's post is dedicated to this wonderful product that i've been loving lately.. its called '' NEW EVION CREAM '' . I bought this cream from a nearby pharmacy. You can not find this cream in your regular departmental store or beauty supply stores. but am sure all the pharmacies carry this cream. i have been using and still using evion vitamin e capsules for lot of beauty purposes. when i saw this cream i was intrigued so much to try this out. and guess what i am so much impressed with this product. 

PRICE : INR 108 for 60g

SHELF LIFE : 2 yrs


purified water, aloe vera extract, light liquid paraffin, propylene glycol, polysorbate80, triethanolamine, carbomer 940, tocopheryl acetate, floral bouquet ch7659, chlorocresol, anhydrous sodium sulphite and disodium edate


A moisturising cosmetic skin cream enriched with aloe vera and vitamin e.

specially recommended for use after washing and bathing. massage this richly formulated skin cream gently on body and face, as often as required.


             It comes in a white opaque small tube with white plastic cap. It is travel friendly. It has very mild soap like smell to it , which fades away after few minutes. I use this cream for my face, neck and hands. It is very thick and rich in consistency . you need very lil amount of this cream to cover your entire face and neck. It gets absorbed into the skin in no time. I used it as a night cream and it made my skin so soft. It is absolutely fantastic for people with normal to dry skin. oily skinned people might not like this product coz of its thick texture but it gets absorbed into the skin leaving the skin dewy and supple. 

I have sensitive skin so anything harsh will definitely react on my skin. This stuff dint let me down.. it is a perfect product for dry and aged skin.

Only drawback that i found with this product is that, during hot humid climate this cream makes me sweat a little bit. so i am compelled to use a compact powder on top of it or what i do is, I mix this cream with lil bit of water and apply it on my skin. This makes it less greasy and less thicker in consistency. But i face this problem only when the climate is too hot. 


1. affordable 
2. rich and nourishing
3. can be used as night cream
4. keeps my skin supple and dewy for a very long time.
5. available in all pharmacies.
6. handy and travel friendly.


1. opaque packaging makes it difficult to check product remaining.
2. it might be greasy for oily skinned people.
3. makes me sweat during hot climate but this problem can be fixed.


This is an amazing product for normal to dry skin people. but oily skinned beauties might not like this cream coz of its rich texture. it is perfect for winter season. it is gonna keep your skin supple for a very long time.


4.5 /5 


Monday, 19 October 2015


Hello my loves.. hope you are all doing good.. its been ages since i blogged. thanks to my broken laptop.:-(  now that i got a new laptop ( yeahhh ) am back with a review today. Its a review on my current favorite eye pencil from colorbar. its called '' I GLIDE EYE PENCIL '' in the shade GLOWING SAPPHIRE 010 and AMETHYST SPARK 011. since the festivels are fast approaching i thought it is right time to share my review on this product. it would be a nice addition to your collection.
I am huge fan of kajals. its my absolute necessity. i can never have enough kajals. i do wear color kajals every now and then. they add a pop of color to my eyes and make me more put to gather without much effort.. that is how i ended up picking these two eye pencils from color bar and am loving them. 

PRICE ; INR 499 ( EACH ) for 1.1 g

SHELF LIFE : 30 months.


1. Extremely soft and outstanding smooth formula, almost like a liquid liner

2.easy to blend shortly after application.

3. waterproof, super longwear, no transfer and smudge proof.


It comes in a cool silver color carton with all the informations printed on it.. the pencil itself has all the details printed on it which is awesome coz in most of the kajals or any makeup product for that matter , when you remove the carton or outer cover , all the informations i.e the mfg date , quantity ,ingredient list will come off with the cover. you will never know when the product expires. so its a plus with this eye pencil. the bottom part of the carton is corresponding to the color that the pencil is in. 

I always prefer kajal pencil with twist up mechanism. the product doesnt get wasted.. but this eye pencil needs to be sharpened. since it is too creamy the tip gets flattened just in a single usage . you need to sharpen it the next time. :-( which ends up wasting the product.


It is definitely one of the creamiest pencil that i have come across.. one swipe is all you need. yes thats right. one swipe and you already have the maximum pigmentation. it breaks easily coz of its creamy texture. so you have to light handed with this pencil.

I picked two shades from this eye pencil and one of the pencil ( amethyst spark 011 ) was manufactured a year ago. :-( i dint notice that while buying. that particular pencil is lil drier than the new pencil. which means the product texture changes with the time. its common with all the long lasting kajals. so when you are getting a long lasting eye pencil make sure you get a newly arrived stock. ( lesson learnt from my own experience :-P ) 


GLOWING SAPPHIRE 010 : Its a deep blue shade almost looks like a black kajal when you click a selfie. it has minute glitter particles in it.. it is not shimmer. tid bit larger than a shimmer. but it doesnt bother my eyes or anything. 

AMETHYST SPARK 011 : its a bright purple color with lots of glitter in it. it has more glitters when compared to the blue one.. i guess that is why it is being named as amethyst SPARK. when i tried to smudge the kajal after few minutes, glitter from the purple one got smudged all over but not from the blue one.


 I have only one word to describe the staying power. AMAIZING .. it really is amaizing. it stays pretty much for the whole day. it is definitely a long lasting and smudge proof eye pencil. 

this is how it looks after trying to smudge it for a couple of times. the kajal stays intact only the glitter particles from amethyst spark got smudged all over. even with a cleansing milk i need to tug a lil bit to remove the eye pencil. 


1. pencil itself is printed with all the infos. 
2. smudge proof 
3. water proof
4. excellent color pay off
5. great choice of colors
6. stays forever. 


1. Might be expensive for college goers.
2. glitter particle in amethyst spark gets all over.
3. product gets dried after few months. ( that is quite common with all the long lasting kajal pencils )
4. product wastage is more 


It stands up to all its claims. it stays forever , doesnt smudge. even it has glitters , it doesnt bother my eyes. i definitely recommend this product to all those kajal lovers out there. :-) 


4.5 / 5